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Lutron Radiora2 300W Table Lamp  RRD-3LD-MN

Lutron Radiora2 300W Table Lamp RRD-3LD-MN

UPC: 27557774703


Radiora2 300W Table Lamp

Estimated Lead Time: 5-6 weeks

RadioRAR 2 Lamp Dimmers

RadioRAR 2 Lamp Dimmers function much like
standard lamp dimmers, but can be controlled
as part of a lighting control system. Lamp
Dimmers are useful in locations where plug-in
lamps need to be dimmed or non-dimmable
lighting loads need to be switched.
RadioRAR 2 Lamp Dimmers incorporate
advanced features such as fade on/fade off,
delayed long fade off, and rapid full on.
RadioRAR 2 Lamp Dimmers are simple to install
and easy to use. Lamp Dimmers allow floor and
table lamps to be added to a system quickly
and easliy.

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