RadioRA 2 seeTouch tabletop keypad 5-button

RadioRA® 2 Tabletop Designer Keypads

RadioRA® 2 Tabletop Designer Keypads provide homeowners with a simple and elegant way to operate lights, shade / draperies, motorized screens, and many other devices.

RadioRA® 2 Keypads feature large, easy-to-use buttons, plus a unique backlit engraving option that makes the Keypads readable any time of the day or night. The Keypad buttons are rounded, allowing engraving to be displayed at an upward angle, increasing readability.

The versatile design of RadioRA® 2 Tabletop Designer Keypads allows them to be mounted on a wall, placed on top of a table, or used as a cordless Keypad. The Keypads can be powered by a DC adapter (see Low-Voltage Transformer spec P/N 369561, includeded with -RR models) or with 2 AAA batteries.

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