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Acuity Brands nLight NPODMA-4P-DX-WH The nLight Wired nPODMA wall switch offers a sleek, modern design NPODMA4PDXWH
Acuity Brands

Acuity Brands nLight NPODMA-4P-DX-WH The nLight Wired nPODMA wall switch offers a sleek, modern design NPODMA4PDXWH

Part Number: NPODMA 4P DX WH
UPC: 193048435306


NPODMA4PDXWH nLight NPODMA-4P-DX-WH The nLight Wired nPODMA wall switch offers a sleek, modern design

Acuity Brands' nLight is an intelligent lighting control system designed to optimize lighting management in commercial buildings. With advanced control capabilities, wireless connectivity, and integration options, nLight offers a scalable and flexible solution for enhanced energy efficiency and user comfort. The system includes a range of control devices such as occupancy sensors and daylight sensors, enabling automatic adjustments based on occupancy and natural light levels. nLight's networked architecture allows for centralized control and monitoring, while its wireless connectivity simplifies installation and expansion. Perfect for offices, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and more, nLight provides comprehensive lighting control for a variety of commercial environments.

nLight by Acuity Brands offers seamless integration with other building systems, including building management systems (BMS), HVAC, security, and access control. This integration enables synchronized operation and coordinated automation, maximizing overall building efficiency. With energy monitoring and reporting features, nLight allows users to track and analyze energy usage patterns, identifying opportunities for further optimization and energy savings. The user-friendly software provides an intuitive interface for configuring lighting zones, scheduling events, and generating reports. Whether it's adjusting settings for specific areas or managing the entire lighting system, nLight simplifies control and maintenance tasks, making it an ideal choice for commercial applications.

Acuity Brands' nLight system is known for its adaptability and versatility. It is designed to meet the unique lighting requirements of various commercial environments, including offices, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, retail spaces, and hospitality venues. By providing intelligent lighting control, nLight enhances energy efficiency, occupant comfort, and productivity. The system's advanced features and components, combined with its integration capabilities, make it a comprehensive solution for modern lighting management needs. With nLight, businesses can achieve optimal lighting performance while reducing energy consumption and maintaining a seamless, user-friendly control experience.

Control Device Type Dimming Switch, Scene Switch, Tunable Color Switch
Mounting Type Surface
Product Type Switch
Color Black, Gray, Ivory, Light Almond, Red
Finish Matte
Voltage Low Voltage
Compliance Listing DLC Standard, ROHS
Regulatory Listing C-UL-US, UL
Application Type Education, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality, Offices & Banks, Retail

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