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Lutron Caseta PD-OSENS-WH

Lutron Caseta PD-OSENS-WH

Lutron Caseta PD-OSENS-WH Wireless occupancy/vacancy sensor
with wall- and corner- mount brackets

Estimated Lead Time: 2-3 weeks

Product Overview

 Add enhanced automation to your Caseta dimmers, switches, and fan controls with your Caseta Motion Sensor. Program your Caseta Motion Sensor as an occupancy or vacancy sensor to automatically control any number of Caseta devices when you enter or leave a room. One motion sensor can control many Caseta devices within up to 60 ft. and can detect motion three times better than other comparative sensors. The motion sensor features a full 180° field of view, in addition to having a typical 10 year battery life, three times longer than the industry average. Use the motion sensor for occupancy or vacancy applications wherever it's needed - no wires required. Place it freestanding on a flat surface or mount to a wall or corner; this makes the motion sensor perfect for bathrooms, laundry rooms, hallways, garages, and more. Place in a high traffic area of your home for hands-free control of your lights; alternatively, place in a low traffic area of your home so you never have to remember if you turned the lights off. Set your desired light level on each device controlled by your sensor for further customization; when the sensor switches on, it will automatically turn your devices on to the preset level.

  • Sensing and control: sensor that can automatically turn off any number of caseta smart devices after you leave a room
  • NEW Active Hours Feature: Set sensor to trigger your lights on/off based on time of day or sunrise/sunset; use the Lutron app to customize which time periods sensors are active, which lights the sensor controls, and their light levels (Smart Bridge L-BDG2-WH required)
  • Versatile and powerful: one sensor can turn off any number of caseta switches, dimmers, fan controls, and Serena smart shades within 60 ft.
  • Breakthrough sensing technology: detects fine motion 3X better than other sensors; has 180° field of view
  • Long-lasting battery life: 10 year typical battery life, 3x longer than the industry average
  • Place it anywhere: use freestanding on a flat surface or mount to a wall or corner, perfect for bathrooms, laundry rooms, hallways, garages, and more – no wires required
  • Customizable: set your desired level for each device controlled by the sensor

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