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Wattstopper LMSW-101-W Digital Switch, 1-button w/ infrared, white

Wattstopper LMSW-101-W Digital Switch, 1-button w/ infrared, white

Part Number: LMSW-101-W
UPC: 754182925407


Digital Switch, 1-button w/ infrared, white

Estimated Lead Time: 0-1 weeks

The LMSW-101-W is a high-quality wall-mounted switch designed for digital lighting management in commercial and industrial buildings. It offers precise control over lighting levels and is equipped with several features that enhance energy efficiency and occupant comfort. The sleek and modern design of the switch makes it easy to use and install, and it is compatible with various lighting fixtures and systems, including fluorescent, LED, and HID lighting systems. The LMSW-101-W features on/off and dimming controls, enabling building managers to adjust lighting levels to suit the needs of the occupants in each room. The switch is also equipped with a built-in occupancy sensor that detects the presence or absence of people in the room, adjusting lighting levels automatically to save energy and reduce costs. With its advanced features and intuitive controls, the LMSW-101-W is an excellent choice for building managers who want to optimize energy usage and improve occupant comfort.

One of the most notable features of the LMSW-101-W is its compatibility with the Digital Lighting Management (DLM) system. This integration allows building managers to monitor and control lighting levels across multiple buildings and locations from a central dashboard. With DLM integration, the LMSW-101-W provides enhanced control and management capabilities, enabling building managers to create custom lighting schedules, set up energy-saving strategies, and quickly respond to any lighting issues that may arise. This feature is particularly useful for large facilities with multiple buildings and lighting zones, as it allows for centralized control and management of lighting systems, resulting in significant energy savings.

Another key feature of the LMSW-101-W is its easy installation and setup process. The switch is designed for easy integration with existing lighting systems, and it can be installed in a matter of minutes without the need for complex wiring or additional components. This feature makes the LMSW-101-W an excellent choice for building managers who want to upgrade their lighting systems quickly and easily without disrupting building operations. Overall, the LMSW-101-W is a reliable and versatile lighting switch that provides precise and efficient control over lighting levels in commercial and industrial buildings. Its compatibility with a wide range of lighting fixtures and systems, coupled with its ability to integrate with the DLM system, makes it a highly customizable solution that can be tailored to meet the needs of any building or facility.

  • Low voltage pushbutton switches for control of multiple loads
  • Components of Digital Lighting Management integrated control system
  • Plug to other components using Cat 5e cables with RJ45 connectors eliminating wiring errors
  • Customizable buttons with LED status indicators
  • IR transceiver for wireless configuration and remote control
  • Plug n’ Go automatic configuration and Push n’ Learn for personalization

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