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Wattstopper LMPB-100 DLM Cat5 network power booster

Wattstopper LMPB-100 DLM Cat5 network power booster

Part Number: LMPB-100
UPC: 754182938933


DLM Cat5 network power booster

Estimated Lead Time: 0-1 weeks

The LMPB-100 is a low voltage power pack designed for use with Wattstopper’s low voltage occupancy sensors and other devices that require 24 VDC power. This power pack is capable of providing up to 100mA of power to devices connected to it, making it suitable for use in small or medium sized installations. The LMPB-100 is a cost-effective solution for powering low voltage devices in buildings and can be easily mounted on walls or other surfaces using the included mounting bracket.

The LMPB-100 features a simple and intuitive design that allows for easy installation and operation. It includes two 24VDC output terminals and two input terminals, which can be connected to either a 120V or 277V power source. The power pack also includes a green LED indicator light that provides visual confirmation that it is functioning properly. In addition, the LMPB-100 includes short circuit protection, which ensures that the power pack will shut down in the event of a short circuit or overload, preventing damage to connected devices.

Overall, the LMPB-100 is a reliable and versatile power pack that is suitable for a wide range of low voltage applications. Its compact size and easy installation make it an ideal choice for retrofit projects or new installations. With its robust construction and built-in safety features, the LMPB-100 provides a cost-effective and low-maintenance solution for powering low voltage devices in commercial and residential buildings.

  • Plenum-rated controller with switching power supply
  • Can add power to any DLM Cat5e local network
  • Supports LMFC fixture integrated controllers
  • Designed to mount inside an LMZC-301 zone controller to increase low voltage power to a DLM local network
  • Plugs to other components using Cat5e cables with RJ45 connectors eliminating wiring errors

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