Digital Dual Tech 1 Button Wall Mount Sensor w/ Infrared, White

  • 1-button Digital Dual Technology Wall Switch Occupancy Sensor
  • LMDW-100 Series Digital Dual Technology Wall Switch Occupancy Sensors use PIR and ultrasonic technology to detect occupancy for energy-efficient control of lighting and plug loads. They also include one or two switch buttons for manual control of selected loads, and are part of a Wattstopper Digital Lighting Management (DLM) system.
  • Dual Technology sensor with On/Off button(s) to switch selected load(s)
  • Component of Digital Lighting Management integrated control system
  • Quick access to Push n’ Learn for system personalization
  • Digital sensor with LCD display and programming pushbuttons
  • IR transceiver for wireless configuration and remote control
  • Plug to other components using Cat 5e cables with RJ45 connectors eliminating wiring errors

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