Lutron HJS-1-FM Premium Vive Hub

Lutron HJS-1-FM Premium Vive Hub

Lutron HJS-1-FM - Vive hub, flush-mount adapter, and power supply


Dimensions W: 6.5" (165mm) H: 1.5" (38mm) D: 2.8" (71mm)

Features and Benefits

Communicates with controls on a floor using Lutron wireless Clear Connect technology (range radius of 71 ft [22 m])

• Distributed system architecture
- Pico remote controls and sensors communicate directly with the load devices they control and must be located within 30 ft (9 m) of the device with which they are associated

• Supports timeclock events based on both sunrise and sunset or fixed time-of-day

• Two contact closure inputs to enable load shed from other devices for Title 24 compliance and utility integration

• Open ADR 2.0b compatible for integration with utilities for demand response/loadshed and code compliance • Each hub provides an individual dashboard for its coverage area and allows you to link to other hub dashboards from the mobile application

• API integration, native on the Vive hub, to enable integration with third party devices, systems, and software. RESTful APIs are available over the ethernet.

• Proactive alerts to inform batteries are low or devices may not be working to ensure system operates as expected.

• All wireless devices to be associated to the Vivewireless hub must be within 71 ft (22 m) of the Vive wireless hub and must be on the same floor as the Vive wireless hub

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