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Elco Lighting

Elco Lighting EL76FICA 6" 2HR FIRE RATED IC AT LED CAN 7 1/2"

Part Number: EL76FICA
UPC: 633999018857


  • IC Airtight for direct contact with insulation.
  • UL Listed for 2-Hour Fire Resistance to meet and exceed strict fire safety codes.
  • Integrated Non-combustible insulation acts as a sound barrier minimizing sound transfer between floors.
  • Meets Title 24 requirements.
  • Trims and inserts sold separately.
fire-rated downlights, elco lighting and 2-hour fire-rated housing

Looking for a reliable and durable fire-rated downlight for your residential or commercial space? Look no further than the Elco Lighting Fire-rated Downlight. This high-quality downlight features a sleek and modern design that seamlessly integrates with any decor style.

Not only does this downlight look great, but it also meets the highest safety standards with its fire-rated construction. The downlight has been rigorously tested and certified to withstand fire for up to 90 minutes, ensuring that your space is safe in the event of a fire.

But safety isn't the only feature that sets this downlight apart. It also boasts exceptional energy efficiency, with an integrated LED driver that reduces energy consumption by up to 80% compared to traditional lighting solutions. This means that you can enjoy bright and beautiful lighting while saving on energy costs.

Installation is a breeze thanks to the downlight's easy-to-use spring clips, and it's compatible with a wide range of dimmers for added flexibility in your lighting setup. Plus, the downlight is suitable for a variety of ceiling types, including insulated and non-insulated ceilings.

Overall, the Elco Lighting Fire-rated Downlight is the perfect choice for those seeking both safety and style. With its high-quality construction, energy efficiency, and easy installation, this downlight is sure to provide bright and beautiful lighting for years to come.

General Info

Wattage 22W
Voltage 120/277V

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