The Case for Energy Efficient Lighting & Controls Title 24, Wireless Solutions, and more!

How do energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental consciousness fall into the world of lighting solutions? 

The best way to answer this question is to first learn about Title 24! For those unfamiliar, Title 24 is a collection of energy standards in California, first introduced in 1978. If someone were planning to create a new building for their business or renovate their existing one, they would need to follow all the Title 24 regulations. These regulations cover topics such as the building envelope, HVAC, and, of course, lighting.  For our purposes, we are going to focus on lighting, covered in Part 6 of the regulations.

But why does Title 24 matter? What is it about Title 24 that is so important for California businesses to follow? Simple, the standards listed are to help businesses become energy efficient and environmentally friendly but cost-effective. It is achieving this trifecta, while an entirely worthwhile goal, seems challenging and almost contradictory.  How is it possible to have an intelligent lighting control system that is smart and energy-efficient without blowing my budget?  Fear not! Below we will present four different solutions that are all energy-efficient, easy to install, and cost-effective.

But first, let’s get a better understanding of what Title 24 entails.

Updates to Title 24 – Part 6 – Lighting Controls

Every 3 years, Title 24 is updated.  And with every update, California pushes the envelope a little further towards energy efficiency.  Western Lighting & Energy controls came out with a video, Take Control of California Title 24, explaining the key changes in the 2019 code compared to the 2016 version. 

Some of these changes include requiring occupancy and daylight sensors in most spaces and vacancy sensors for nightlights and path lights. This is a prime example of Title 24 standards working to become even more efficient.  And as an added benefit for the building owners of saving them money when paying their energy bills.

With this brief overview, it’s clear that the goal of Title 24 is to create further energy efficiency for building spaces in California. The next step is to find lighting solutions that work with Title 24 while still being cost-effective. 

This is where we begin! 


Simple, Scalable, Wireless Lighting Control from Lutron

Our first option comes from Lutron and their wireless control product, VIVE.  It should come as no surprise that Lutron tops our list, as they pioneered wireless lighting controls in the 90s. VIVE builds on that legacy and was designed with the goal of making new and existing commercial buildings efficient, comfortable, and productive. 

VIVE has a streamlined product offering compared to most lighting control systems, making it easy to specify.  All the controls are wireless, making it easy to install.  And the smart hub of the system is easily updated just using your smartphone. Perfect for buildings that need to adapt to the changing Title 24 regulations.

In fact, out-of-the-box VIVE offers flexible, code-compliant solutions, such as daylighting, occupancy sensing, and demand response.  The perfect solution for new and remodeled buildings that need to meet Title 24 regulations. Not only that, but it comes with a great, user-friendly app to monitor and control your lights.

However, variety is always welcomed, so in addition to VIVE, another wireless lighting solution that works to meet Title 24 comes in the form of…

Wireless Digital Lighting Management Solutions with Wattstopper

Wattstopper, like Lutron, also offers wireless lighting control solutions, most notably with the Wireless DLM system. For those tired of the many wires needed for lighting control installation, DLM not only offers the solution by being completely wireless but has the added perk of a trusted hardware chip for security! 

This added security gives one of the most advanced secure connections from edge to cloud, making DLM perfect for advanced IoT security at each stage of a project.

DLM’s use of an advanced security system and wireless technology makes it another perfect match with the Title 24 regulations! But, like VIVE, DLM is not the only wireless control solution. 

Another great option includes…

Single Lighting Controls Platform for Indoor & Outdoor Spaces from nLight Air

nLight’s lighting control system, like VIVE and DLM before it, holds on to the following three aspects:

  1. Simple: The controls platform makes it easy to specify, design, install, and setup, helping to achieve code compliance that works out-of-the-box or wireless lighting controls.
  2. Scalable: Perfect for application, from small to large and even indoor to outdoor. The system offers easy lighting control scaling from one room to a whole building.
  3. Connection: With an unmatched flexibility, nLight can connect light fixtures, sensors, and other control devices.

As another wireless control solution, buildings in the midst of construction and remodeling needing to follow Title 24 will find nLight has a great option for their lighting needs!

nLight also offers a variety of learning opportunities and options of their products in their many brochures including, nLight AIR and Outdoor LED Luminaries.

Even though three is a lucky number, readers will be surprised to learn that there are more than three options for wireless lighting solutions, and we’re happy to offer one more solution option with... 

 Leviton and Commercial Lighting & Controls in Financial Institution Applications 

Leviton, like the three options before it, offers code-compliant lighting and control solutions. The difference is that Leviton focuses on financial institutions and banks, creating spaces that enhance the consumer experience, promoting brand loyalty while being energy efficient. 


Financial institutions and banks, like any other building, require solutions that fall under the Title 24 regulations, but this time around, the institutions are looking for solutions that also create a welcoming space for their customers. This is where the Leviton LED luminaires come in, reducing energy consumption while enhancing the business experience for consumers.

There are Always Options to Choose From

So, how do energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental consciousness fall into the world of lighting solutions? Title 24 is what starts us off, creating regulations that drive businesses to become energy efficient and environmentally friendly. 

Now the lighting and lighting controls industry has given us the third pillar of cost-effectiveness with budget-friendly, wireless lighting control solutions designed to meet the stringent energy requirements of Title 24. Lutron’s VIVE, Wattstopper’s DLM, nLight’s systems, Leviton’s systems for financial institutions are only a few options for buildings looking to become more energy-efficient, but we found them to be the perfect choices for prospective clients. 

If you’re looking to learn more, visit their respective websites at:

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact Rock Lighting & Electric as we can help you with all your projects need, including design services. Get in touch with us today!

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The Case for Energy Efficient Lighting & Controls Title 24, Wireless Solutions, and more!

The Case for Energy Efficient Lighting & Controls Title 24, Wireless Solutions, and more!

How do energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental consciousness fall into the world of lighting solutions? 
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