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Lutron RadioRA 2 GRAFIK T RF C.L hybrid keypad, 2-button, RRT-GH2B-WH

Lutron RadioRA 2 GRAFIK T RF C.L hybrid keypad, 2-button, RRT-GH2B-WH

Estimated Lead Time: 4-5 weeks

GRAFIK T RF C•L Hybrid Keypads

RadioRA 2 architectural GRAFIK T RF C•L Hybrid keypads
function as a dimmer and keypad combined into a single
device. Hybrid keypads are great for retro-fit applications
since they eliminate the need to install two separate
devices. Normal keypad operation is available if no load is
connected or load burns out.


• Hybrid keypad allows for local control of load as well as
typical keypad functionality.
• Hybrid keypad will function as a normal keypad when no load is installed or load burns out. 
• Custom, backlit, engraved, scene/ zone descriptions on faceplate.
• Dynamic Backlighting Management (DBM) automatically
adjusts the intensity of the backlit engraving to ensure text
is readable in any light.
• All buttons are fully programmable, including the raise/lower functionality.
• C•L technology with microprocessor based dimming for control of dimmable LED lamps.
• If using LED bulbs, they must be Lutron compatible! For compatibility and performance information, visit our website at www.lutron.com/led, which is constantly being updated.
• Optional neutral connection available for superior LEDdimming performance. 
• Simple touch control.
• Distinctive architectural aesthetic.
• Low-end and high-end trim are available for improved LEDdimming performance.
• Installs in single-pole or multi-location applications.Companion devices are available for multi-location controlwith a hybrid keypad (maximum  companion devices perkeypad,  main control per circuit). 
• Lutron GRAFIK T wallplates snap on with no visible meansof attachment.

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