RadioRA 2 seeTouch hybrid keypad dual button group, two 2-button with raise/lower groups

RadioRA 2 Hybrid Keypads

RadioRA 2 Hybrid Keypads function as a dimmer and keypad combined into a single device. Hybrid Keypads are great for retrofit applications since they eliminate the need to install two separate devices. 
RadioRA 2 Hybrid Keypads have an available neutral wire terminal that allows them to be installed in either two-wire or neutral wire installations. Connecting the neutral wire to a Hybrid Keypad allows a lower minimum load to be used. Also, normal keypad operation will be available even if the attached load is not installed or if the lamp is burned out. If a neutral wire is available in the wallbox it should be connected to the silver teminal on the Hybrid Keypad. If a neutral wire is not available and not desired, then the silver terminal should be tightened without any wires connected to it. Hybrid Keypads can be installed in either single location or multi-location (with Remote Dimmer) installations. 
RadioRA 2 Hybrid Keypads can be controlled as part of a lighting control system and incorporate advancedf eatures such as fade on/fade off and rapid full on RadioRA 2 Hybrid Keypads feature large, easy-to-use buttons, plus a unique backlit engraving option that makes them readable any time of the day or night. The Hybrid Keypad buttons are rounded, allowing engraving to be displayed at an upward angle, increasing readability. RadioRA 2 Hybrid Keypads include a Front Accessible Service Switch (FASSforsafe lamp replacement.
Use only Lutron Designer (Claro or Satin Colors) wallplates. The mechanical design of the keypad is ONLY compatible with Lutron wallplates and is NOT compatible with any other manufacturer’s wallplate. Wallplates are sold separately. Lutron Claro and Satin Colors wallplates snap on with no visible means of attachment. Replacement Kits are available in a variety of colors and with custom engraving to identify clearly each button’s function.

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