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Lutron - Vive PowPak Phase Select Dimming module, 120/277V RMJS-PNE-DV

Lutron - Vive PowPak Phase Select Dimming module, 120/277V RMJS-PNE-DV

UPC: 784276286787


PowerPak Phase Select Dimming module, 120/277V

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Vive by Lutron is a simple, scalable, wireless control that can be installed in a single space or throughout an entire campus

The Lutron Vive RMJS-PNE-DV is a wireless wall-mountable switch designed for use in commercial spaces. It offers precise and reliable control of lighting and other electrical loads, with a 0-10V interface for easy integration with compatible LED drivers and ballasts. The switch is capable of controlling up to two zones, with customizable button configurations for each zone to suit specific lighting requirements. The switch is easy to install and set up, with wireless communication that eliminates the need for additional wiring and reduces installation time and cost.

The RMJS-PNE-DV switch is part of the Lutron Vive system, which offers advanced lighting control solutions for commercial buildings. It allows building managers to easily monitor and adjust lighting and other electrical loads from a central location, maximizing energy efficiency and enhancing occupant comfort. The Vive system is scalable and can be expanded to meet the changing needs of the building, with a wide range of compatible devices including sensors, dimmers, and switches. The system is also compatible with several popular building management protocols, making it easy to integrate with existing systems and infrastructure. With the Lutron Vive RMJS-PNE-DV, building managers can achieve reliable and customizable lighting control that enhances the comfort, productivity, and energy efficiency of their commercial spaces.

Vive PowPak Phase Select Dimming module, 120/277V

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