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Part Number: PD-10NXD-WH
UPC: 784276146128

 Lutron Caseta PD-10NXD-WH Caséta Wireless C.L In-Wall Dimmer PRO, dimmable CFL & LED, incandescent/ halogen/MLV, 120 V

Estimated Lead Time: 10-11 weeks

Caséta Wireless In-Wall Dimmer PRO

The Caséta Wireless In-Wall Dimmer PRO controls lighting loads, both directly and remotely when paired with Pico remote controls, providing a system that delivers convenience and ease of installation. The Caséta Wireless In-Wall Dimmer PRO uses Lutron patented Clear Connect RF Technology which enables wireless communication with Pico remote controls, Caséta motion sensors, and the Lutron Smart Bridge and Smart Bridge PRO.

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